Parks Not Ready to Provide Relief

Spring has simply arrived too cheap jerseys early for the Madison Parks Department. Patrons searching for an accessible restroom are out of luck.

The Parks Department is taking complaints from people who are wondering why restrooms at area playgrounds and sports fields are not open. Officials say they are well aware of the stressful situation, but say people may habe to hold it as long as they are on hold.

None of the buildings, with the exception of Elver Park’s pavillion, are heated. Another hindrance: the department has just four maintenance workers for the whole city. Its sixty seasonal staff members do not come on board for another two weeks.

«We just don’t have the ability to open and close the facilites and we just don’t have the ability to turn the water on and off,» says Weinstock.

At least one of Madison’s parks, Brittingham Park has some relief. One port o john has helped ice anglers during the winter and is still on site, but park officials say they are too expensive to have at every park.

«Portapotties are not cheap. They run about $150 a month,» says Weinstock. «There’s also the whole issue of vandalism and maintanence.»

Weinstock was fairly confident Elver Park had its restrooms open. However, when NBC 15 checked on Monday afternoon, we had no such luck. We also explained the situation to Madison resident Dawn Gebler, who was about to take her daughter to the restroom at Olin Park.

«I would’ve gone and checked and found out it was locked and by then, it probably would’ve been peeing by a tree,» says Gebler. «If [restrooms] are there, it’s nice to have them open. But I know budgets are budgets and I do understand that there’s only so much money. Unfortunately, I do think this is a priority.»

Until priorities shift, little ones will just have to wait until they get home. Most of the pavillions at area parks should be open by late April. If spring starts to arrive earlier and earlier each year, Weinstock says he’ll re examine his plans and figure something out.

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